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Your name (F/N) (L/N) you just woke up to your computer ping like hell, it was probably just gamzee, so you get out of your bed keeping your warm (F/C) quilt wrapped Round you you open your husk top to see what was pinging it was pester chum so you open it up

Stargazer has just logged on to pester chum
Terminallycapricious has just logged on to pesterchum

Tc: HeY My WiCkEd SiS We NeEd HeLp KuRbRo Is VeRy PiSt ThAnKs To An AmPoRa CaN YoU pLeAsE CoMe OvEr QuIkLy 
SG: hey and yea sure I'll be over as soon asap 
Tc: ThAnKs SiS

Terminallycapricious logged out of pesterchum
Stargazer logged out of pesterchum 

You started getting ready to go over to the high blood mansion you grab things like some your fave video games, a small blanket, pretty much anything you think you needed, then went outside and hopped on your (F/C) beach cruiser after strapping your back back on it and taking off. 

TIME LAPSE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You bike up all the way to high blood mansion put it on its stand and that's when you start hearing kurloz is still throwing a rage fit and mituna trying to shoosh pap him, sadly they haven't been the best moirails ever sense mituna accident that you sorta know of, you get ready to go in to the house you open the door swiftly and next thing you know a vase of purple and black goes flying past your head and at the top of the stairs mituna is straddling kurloz trying to shoosh pap him, obviously not working you walk up the stairs and pull out a bag of marshmallows from your overly stuffed back pack open it and shove one in kurloz's mouth, and motion mituna to get off and then you begin to shoosh pap kurloz and give him tiny friendly kisses on his forehead. After five minutes kurloz finally settles down, he lays his head on yours and snakes his arms around you when he realizes who was loving on him and eats the marshmallow in tgehis mouth. Once the very angry high blood calmed all the way you look up at him and say " feeling better kurlly" he slowly nods and smiles at you 

Preview over please my watchers or who ever took the time to read this comment if you want the rest of the story please comment below I really want to know what you think and if you want more of this story, but most of all I'm open to requests for any story thanks

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Born Jordan Valley Hospital in Utah, lived in a small neighborhood in West Jordan, had hardly any friends so i made friends from anime shows and had couple friends but only 2 or so.... then i moved to sandy and i met lots of people at my new elementary, but i still kept my anime character friends its all my imagination on over load is what specialists tell me, i went to Mt Jordan high I'm in my senior year when school starts august 19th i have lots of friends but when I'm lonely or sad hehehehe i talk to my self and in my head i will hear certain anime characters its fun but scary sometimes.

rules of my bases
1no need to ask
3have fun take your time
4 no frakendolling my characters danmit
5 link back
6 favorite it love you all

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